Installlng Double Glazing Can Lead to Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

Double glazing can be an asset for your home and will definitely increase its value. It helps to retain heat, keep out heat and overall completely reduces noise, and this can be a boon in homes that face busy roads. the installation is sturdy and can also give the windows greater security. Before carrying out any kind of work on your property you need to make sure that there is no chance of asbestos being present – to do this you will need an asbestos survey.

Double glazing is carried out by having two panes of glass separated by a gap installed on the same window shutter. Often this glazing is available as a separate glazing unit, where the two panes of glass or installed around a frame of PVC, metal, timber or other material and then sealed with a permanent adhesive.

It is customary to remove all air from the gap or fill it up with a colourless and inert gas. This can lead to the window frame being slightly wider, but it is possible to install such double glazing on existing timber windows, as long as this increased width does not cause any other problems.

This extra pane and glazing framework will increase the weight of the window shutter, and this may require strengthening of the hinges if the window is hinged. The installation of double glazed windows also is encouraged by the authorities as it is considered environmentally friendly, due to reduced demands on electricity and heating. Grants and easy loans are available to help with the cost of such an installation.

Get proper advice from suppliers and installers of double glazing before you decide to install new double glazed windows, or replace the glass in your existing windows with double glazed glass units. Both these alternatives are possible, but it is the condition of your existing windows that will probably have an influence on the option that you need to make. You can also arrange replacement of a window at a time in order to spread out the cost.

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