Winning results by selling your car to fund home improvements

Meet Sarah Wallis. Sarah is fanatical about entering competitions – she enters them on line, via post, over the phone and via text, all with the hope of winning.

Recently, when Sarah was just about to go out, she got a phone call announcing the fantastic news that one of the competitions she had entered had been successful and that she had won a top of the range new car!

Now, while Sarah jumped for joy, she was also presented with another issue – the issue of her 10 year old ford fiesta that was sitting outside – what was Sarah to do?

That’s where we came to the rescue. Selling her car couldn’t have been easier for Ms Wallis.

We carried out a light inspection to confirm it’s value. This took place at Sarah’s home address but equally could be undertaken at our site.

Everything was in order and within an hour Sarah had sold her car, money transfer included.

We are the trusted name in private car trades and provide you with a quick, easy way to sell your car and get the payout that same day! Like Sarah Willis you only need to take three simple steps to sell your car today;
– Get a valuation – either online or by phone
– Book an appointment for a quick vehicle inspection
– Provide bank details and receive payment
In theory this can all be done within the hour – so if you want a guaranteed, hassle-free way to sell your car today

We use the FPS system (Faster Payment Service which is accepted by all the major high street banks) to make payments via bank transfer.

This is the easiest and most secure method, protecting you from the risk of carrying around cash or waiting for a cheque to clear.

The transfer is made immediately and, unless specified in the terms of the sale, m3commercials will not take ownership of the vehicle until the payment has cleared in your account. The whole selling process is often completed within an hour, making your life much easier and putting money in your pocket just when you need it.

So there you have it: a fast, secure and efficient way of selling a car. For Sarah, she wanted to sell her car because she’d won a competition, but maybe you’re starting a family and need to sell your two seater or are downsizing as the kids are leaving home or there’s no longer a need for a personal chauffeur to after school clubs or collect them from school.

Whatever your reasons for selling your car – we take away the hassle and, just like Sarah, you will be winning too!

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